Friday, May 7, 2010

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2011.01.31--Who Is Most To Blame For The Shootings?
2010.12.28--The Worst Christmas Gift Givers
2010.12.17--How Big Should Government Be?
2010.11.16--Did Prohibition Fail?
2010.10.29--Marijuana: No Worse Than Alcohol?
2010.10.21--You Call Yourself A Firefighter?
2010.01.27--Who Cares About "the Will of the People?"
2009.11.18--Who’s Legislating Morality Now?
2009.11.13--Is Obamacare Like Mandatory Auto Insurance?
2009.10.05--What’s Racism Got To Do With It?
2009.09.19--An Open Letter To President Obama About Health Care
2009.01.22--A Reminder to Pro-Life Christians
2008.12.17--A Christmas View of Abortion
2008.10.29--Do the Rich Owe Us?
2008.10.10--Teaching a Four-Year-Old
2008.09.08--Why Do They Hate Sarah Palin So?
2008.08.19--Perhaps Homophobia Isn't A Choice Either
2008.07.29--Five Logical Errors of Born Gay Ideology
2008.07.21--To Conservatives in a Pro-Gay Culture
2008.05.15--Should We Invade Myanmar?
2008.05.13--What Love Isn’t
2008.05.07--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 11
2008.05.06--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 10
2008.05.02--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 9
2008.04.24--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 8
2008.04.23--The Danger Of Hating What You Used To Believe
2008.04.22--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 7
2008.04.23--The Three Kinds of Rules
2008.03.28--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 6
2008.03.20--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 5
2008.03.12--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 4
2008.03.07--Should John McCain Start Being A Coward Now?
2008.02.04--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 3
2008.01.29--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 2
2008.01.26--Why I Support Capital Punishment, Part 1

2007.12.24--Bad Christmas Gifts, Part 2: What To Do When You Get Them
2007.12.21--Bad Christmas Gifts, Part 1: Not Giving Them

2007.12.20--A Religious Test Oath?
2007.11.20--How And Why I Do Radio
2007.11.07--To Husbands: How To Have A Great Wife
2007.10.23--What I Learned About Liberalism From Barry Manilow
2007.10.17--Why Dr. Dobson Is Wrong
2007.10.09--To Wives: Some Advice On Preventing An Affair
2007.09.01--A Chat With My Friend About What Makes Sense
2007.08.01--Should Children Be Encouraged To Think For Themselves?
2007.06.01--Must Trust Be Earned?
2006.11.14--Of Whom Are The Newspapers Really Afraid?
2006.10.03--When Penalties Aren’t (A Modest Baseball Proposal)
2006.09.09--Stand Up For What You Believe?
2004.10.04--Can a Catholic vote for John Kerry in good conscience?
2004.07.04--Love it or leave it? I say fix it.
2004.04.04--Just a little harmless entertainment?
2004.01.09--What Should You Read In the Bathroom?

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